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Mobile Railcar Movers

Expand your railyard capabilities for specific projects or within required time periods by renting Shuttlewagon railcar movers from our fleet. With the ability to move between tracks quickly, they significantly reduce the time needed for routine railyard jobs compared to using locomotives. We have models in multiple sizes that are available to rent, as well as both diesel and electric options.

Available Equipment

Up to 25 loaded railcars
Model Traction Force Weight
SWX315 27,000 lb 43,000 lb
SWX420 30,000 lb 46,000 lb
SWX525 35,000 lb 56,000 lb
Up to 40 loaded railcars
Model Traction Force Weight
NVX5025 38,000 lb 60,600 lb
NVX6030 45,000 lb 67,000 lb
NVX7035 50,000 lb 73,000 lb
NVX8040 60,000 lb 101,500 lb
Up to 60 loaded railcars
Model Traction Force Weight
NVX9060 85,000 lb 117,600 lb
Electric Series
Model Traction Force Weight
SWXe-16 3,100 lb 310 tons
SWXe-25 5,250 lb 525 tons
SWXe-32 7,7400 lb 740 tons
SWXe-50 10,000 lb 1,000 tons
SWXe-90 20,000 lb 2,000 tons
SWXe-120 26,000 lb 2,600 tons
SWXe-160 32,000 lb 3,200 tons
Electric Navigator 45,000 lb 4,500 tons

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