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Mobile railcar movers

  • Move railcars around the railyard fast
  • Multiple sized models available
  • Both electric and diesel options

Shuttlewagon makes it easy to shuttle railcars around a rail siding or railyard. Equipped with both road and rail wheels to move from track to track quickly, these models have traction forces ranging from 27,000 lb to 85,000 lb and can handle 1 to 60 loaded railcars. With the ability to move between tracks, the time required to accomplish routine railyard jobs is significantly reduced, compared to using traditional switcher locomotives.

Electric railcar movers
Shuttlewagon's new line of electric railcar movers produce zero emissions and low noise levels while delivering 3,600 lb to 45,000 lb of traction force. They require less maintenance than diesel, because they have fewer moving parts. Plus, no filters or oil are needed, they're much less expensive to operate, and their electric motors deliver constant traction.

Available Equipment

Up to 25 loaded railcars

Traction force
27,000 lb – 35,000 lb

43,000 lb – 56,000 lb

Up to 40 loaded railcars

Traction force
38,000 lb – 60,000 lb

60,600 lb – 101,500 lb

Up to 60 loaded railcars

Traction force
85,000 lb

117,000 lb

Electric Series

Traction force
3,600 lb – 45,000 lb

Max tow
310 tons – 4,500 tons

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