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Road Building Equipment

Everything you need to complete road building projects quickly and efficiently

  • Large inventory of new, used, and rental machines
  • Pavers, soil stabilizers, cold planers, asphalt brooms, and more
  • Comprehensive parts and service support for your road building equipment

Bejac carries the complete line of road building equipment available from Astec. They have the full range of machines to complete each step of the road building process, including Roadtec and Carlson pavers, Roadtec cold planers, material transfer vehicles, soil stabilizers, asphalt brooms, and cold in-place recycling systems.

Whether you're tearing up old material or laying down new, we offer machines of all sizes for commercial paving, highway paving, residential paving, and smaller scale projects. Like all Astec machines, Roadtec and Carlson road building equipment is built to be durable and highly efficient, completing the job fast, keeping costs as low as possible, and creating consistent, quality road surfaces.

We carry Astec road building equipment at our Arizona, Nevada, and Utah locations

Heavy construction equipment for California, Arizona, Nevada Heavy construction equipment for California, Arizona, Nevada

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