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Serving the Western U.S. since 1953


Harvesting systems for heavy, softwood trees

  • Efficient forestry equipment
  • Low cost per ton of processed wood
  • Variety of feller buncher and harvesting heads available

TimberPro feller bunchers make cutting down trees fast and easy. All models come with robust, heavy duty feller heads. They boast engine outputs that range from 338 HP to 365 HP, with operating weights from 55,810 lb to 96,200 lb that efficiently cut down heavier, higher value timber. Both wheeled and tracked machines are available to use for severe duty off road logging, harvesting, and land clearing jobs.

Available Equipment

Tracked Feller Bunchers & Harvesters

390 HP

Operating Weight
55,810 – 96,200 lb


338 HP

Operating Weight
57,200 – 60,100 lb

Wheeled Harvester

Operating Weight
48,280 – 54,000 lb

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