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Diamond Z

Top quality industrial grinders to suit any application

  • Diamond Z is a wood grinding pioneer
  • Easy to service equipment

Diamond Z has earned a global reputation for manufacturing the most durable, productive, and cost effective industrial grinders available. With a broad range of tub, horizontal, and solid waste models, we offer material processing solutions for composting, construction, demolition, land clearing, municipal solid waste, and more.

Available Equipment

Horizontal Grinders

Transporting Net Weight
63,000 - 125,000 lb
Production Rate
Up to 1,000 yds/hr

Tub Grinders

Transporting Net Weight
43,000 – 160,000 lb
Production Rate
Up to 800 yds/hr

Electric Grinders

1,650 HP
Production Rate
Up to 630 yds/hr

Enclosed Grinders

1,050 HP
Production Rate
Up to 665 yds/hr

Solid Grinders

1,200 HP
Production Rate
630 yds/hr

Metal Recycling

190 HP
64,000 lb
System Pressure
2,700 psi

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