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What Are the Different Types of Heavy Equipment Parts?

If you need to replace a part on your excavator, wheel loader, dozer, or other piece of heavy equipment, there are multiple options available to you. Whether it's blades, hydraulic cylinders, valves, seals, or entire engines, when choosing parts, it's important to consider cost, quality, and what the manufacturer recommends. Below is a guide to the two primary types of heavy equipment parts with their benefits and drawbacks.

OEM parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are made by the same company that produced the equipment. The benefit of using OEM parts is that they are manufactured specifically to be compatible with the machine. They are typically exact copies of the part that is being replaced (if that part is the original part on the machine). Aftermarket parts are not designed for a specific machine, which could result in accelerated wear and tear on other components.

OEM parts are known for being high quality, easy to install, and designed with the specific equipment. Manufacturers want their equipment to run well, which is why they have such high standards for their OEM parts.

Remanufactured parts

The other primary type of heavy equipment components are remanufactured parts. Once a component reaches the end of its service life, instead of disposing of it, it can be refurbished, rebuilt, and used again. This process involves removing parts from existing equipment, completely dissembling them, inspecting their constituent components closely, replacing or repairing any pieces of the part that require it, and then testing to ensure they meet OEM quality standards.

All remanufactured parts are rebuilt to factory specifications and are protected by warranties comparable to those for new parts. Remanufacturing is an excellent option that gives you OEM quality for a cost that’s up to 40% lower.

Choose the best heavy equipment parts

If you have any questions about the different types of construction equipment parts or which option is right for your machine, then contact the parts experts at Bejac. We'll help you determine which components will best suit your needs and ensure you receive the highest quality parts possible.

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