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Radiator Care

Proper radiator maintenance is vital to keep your equipment running optimally. Without adequate air ventilation, the heat dissipation function of the radiator can suffer, causing breakdowns or costly damage. Follow these tips, so your radiator will operate correctly.

Do not inspect the radiator while the engine is hot
If the radiator cap is removed while the coolant is hot and pressurized, personal injury can result. Always shut off the engine and allow the radiator to cool before examining the system or beginning any work.

Inspect for blockages daily
Check your radiator screen daily for dirt, grass, or other debris that could block or hinder your radiator's efficiency. A clear screen will maximize performance and prevent costly downtime or repairs.

Clean radiator cores
Inspect your radiator cores, and clean them when required. Use compressed air to blow debris from the cores or, if material remains, you can use high pressure water or steam to remove dust and debris.

Use the right coolant
It's estimated that 40% – 60% of engine failures are related to using the wrong coolant or topping off the system with the wrong product. Reference your owner's manual to make sure the coolant you are using is allowed for your particular machine, and keep careful records to assure you're changing the fluid at factory recommended intervals.

Replace damaged radiator caps
When the radiator is cool, slowly remove the radiator cap, and inspect it for damage or deposits of material. If any cracks are visible, install a new cap.

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Always consult your operator's manual.

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